Diminish Eczema

Do you or someone you know have eczema? I hope your answer is no but if it is yes, you are not alone. According to the National Eczema Association, over 30 million people have eczema. Let me introduce myself. My name is Krystal Cruz and I am the owner of Sea of Galilee. I am very passionate about the visions and creations divinely entrusted to me for Sea of Galilee. Sea of Galilee was birthed for you!
Let me tell you that you are on the heavenly Father's heart and one of his heart's desires for his creation is prospering health. In order for us to prosper and be in good health we must dedicate the time and resources needed to invest in our health internally and externally.
So let's talk about eczema. What is eczema? The word eczema is derived from a Greek word meaning "to boil over". It is defined as a medical condition in which patches of skin become rough and inflamed, with blisters that cause itching and bleeding, sometimes resulting from a reaction to irritation (eczematous dermatitis) but more typically having no obvious external cause.
What causes eczema? The exact cause of eczema is unknown, but it's thought to be linked to an overactive response by the body's immune system to an irritant. It is this response that causes the symptoms of eczema. This idea is not far fetched as we live in a world where if not everything or just about everything that goes on and into our skin is composed of small amounts of toxic chemicals and other unethical elements. Unless you have turned to a more natural approach of living when it comes to your diet and skin, which most people seeking to diminish eczema have.
So what are the symptoms of eczema? Here are some eczema symptoms:
-Dry, sensitive skin
-Red, inflamed skin
-Very bad itching
-Dark colored patches of skin
-Rough, leathery or scaly patches of skin
-Oozing or crusting
-Areas of swelling
There are several types of eczema and are not limited to just these symptoms mentioned above. Eczema can range from mild, moderate to severe and each condition can differ per person.
I am a mother of four wonderful children, one girl and three boys. All of my children have had eczema. Three of them had eczema since birth and one had an episode of eczema after becoming a toddler. I can relate with the emotional and physical struggle of parents who are dealing with and trying to treat eczema, not to mention dreading the prescription medication with steroids. I'd like to share that there is hope!
In life, you can desire change or you can be change! Today I am announcing to you that I became change and created a product called Reconcile, with the intention of destroying eczema. Parents and babies can get sweet rest and smile again! People can be normal again! You wouldn't understand that statement unless you've had eczema. Some people have no idea they have eczema and those who do desire a solution. Please check out our exclusive product called Reconcile. Also check out our Reconcile soap bar we created to pair with your cream for maximum results. We are changing lives one person at a time. If Reconcile changes your life, please don't forget about the rest of us. Share the good news with others by leaving your review on this site.

Choose Sea of Galilee, because it's your skin!

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Krystal Cruz